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embody wellness collaborative therapies
embody wellness collaborative therapies
Our Story

The dream for Embody Wellness was many years in the making as Mikaela and Stefanie each individually dreamed of opening a clinic. Mikaela saw a need for concurrent psychological care as she treated patients’ physical ailments. Stefanie had a vision for a counselling space with a movement studio that integrated the psychological and physiological aspects of healing. Together, Mikaela and Stefanie recognized the importance of trauma-sensitive care, treating clients systemically as a whole individual, rather than the symptoms alone.

As Richmond residents themselves, Mikaela and Stefanie knew they wanted to build something close to home to serve the community in a new and innovative way. The dream of opening a clinic together started as a conversation on a rainy December day at a local coffee shop, and one year later, the dream became a reality when Mikaela and Stefanie entered a space that offered them an embodied experience when they walked through the door.


We are Mikaela and Stefanie, co-founders of Embody Wellness. We believe healing begins as an intrinsic process, when supported by a community of care, creates long-lasting change. Built on the highest standards of client care, professional ethics, and research-based evidence, our aim is for wellness to be an experience as we journey alongside you to meet your treatment goals.

We live a world that often out-paces our internal rhythms, and witness this imbalance in our clients as chronic pain, stress, mood changes, physical ailments, and exasperated existing health conditions. Our passion lies in exploring root issues to treat the cause of discomfort, while simultaneously offering symptom management and reduction. Whether it may be the treatment of a chronic issue or the desire to explore wellness options for daily living, it is our privilege to be members of your care team and join your wellness journey.